Thursday, May 17, 2012

The 2012 Chicago Vintage Drum Show

This weekend brings the return of the Annual Chicago Vintage Drum Show. Over the years, the show has grown to include many custom and mainstream drum companies. Indeed, both Ludwig and Gretsch have increased their visibility over the years. At the same time, show organizers have downplayed the vintage aspect of the show, simply calling the event, "The Chicago Drum Show."

But that being said, there is perhaps no better place in the whole country to find that elusive vintage drum or vintage drum part.  After all, the Chicago metropolitan area was home to three of the major drum companies from the last century,  Ludwig, Slingerland, and Camco. And there always seems to be a local exhibitor at the show who is displaying some super rare drum or drum part.

For me, the best part is seeing old friends and acquaintances. In many cases, this is the only opportunity for me to get together with other collectors and drummers. I must admit the noise in the hall does get to be much, but hell, I'm a drummer and I love drums. It comes with the territory.

The entertainment roster for the show is as follows. There will be performances both on Saturday and Sunday . The list of performers included Jane Boxall, Fred Young, John Fred Young, Ed Shaughnessy, Mike Clark, and Les Demerle. Usually, the convention floor thins out whenever anyone is playing as fellow drummers check out the headliners. All in all, it should be loads of fun, and it's an event that I look forward to.

See you there!!

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